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Hyperlinked Marble Digital Notebook

Hyperlinked Marble Digital Notebook

$19.50 Regular Price
$7.80Sale Price

Modern Digital Notebook to take notes to perfection! This Marble Landscape Notebook is the perfect way to stay organized and productive throughout the year! This digital download comes with 15 Customized Subjects and 5 mini sections within each subject all hyperlinked for easy navigation. Modern and Classic White Marble cover in Landscape for wider view and more space for notetaking.

Whether you're looking to get in take notes for school, work or just get organized, this notebook has everything you need! Plus, the hyperlinked pages make navigation a breeze to navigate all pages. This Digitial Notebook is perfect for Good Notes, Notability and other similar apps for ipads, tablets with a stylus.

Whats included in your planner:

Hyperlinked Note pages with 2 columns for note taking per each page
Hyperlinked 15 Subjects
Hyperlinked 5 mini sections within each Subject
Hyperlinked Home Index to navigate easily through notebook


A digital Download File containing the Link to download your Notebook - This Notebook is optimized compressed PDF to be lag free.

*No physical product will be mailed to you.*


Devices compatible with our planners:
any Apple device (iPad, iPhone, & Mac books)
any Android device (tablet, computer, etc.)
any Microsoft device (surface, tablet, computer, etc.)

Apps compatible with our planners:

Goodnotes app (available on any IOS device)
Notability app (available on any IOS device)
Noteshelf (available universally on IOS, Android,
and Microsoft)
Xodo app (available universally on IOS, Android,
and Microsoft)
Collanote app (available on any IOS device)
Kilonotes app (available on any IOS device)
Zoom Notes (available on any IOS device)
Drawboard PDF (available on any Windows 10

* some of these apps can sync across devices (EX: Goodnotes, Noteshelf, etc.)

  • Personal Use Only

    Not for commercial sale, only Personal use only. 

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